The start of something paleolithic

Today is our first day trying paleo. Today is our first day retrying paleo. About every three weeks I make the announcement that “We are going paleo”. Usually this means I was recently inspired by Pinterest to jump on the caveman bandwagon only to be thwarted by photos of delicious pasta dishes as I try to plan my menu. But not this time. This time I persevered and made the whole menu with paleo in mind.


I know that not everything I plan on eating is paleo. I will continue to have a coffee with vanilla and cream in the morning because being a decent human being is worth a little bit of sugar and dairy. Also, I don’t fully understand what all constitutes “paleo” and, from what I have read, neither do a lot of others. While the general concept of eating like our ancestors is pretty clear, individual foods sometimes come into question. If I can eat a cow, I don’t fully understand why I can’t eat related by-products (hello, cheese!). For me, paleo is just giving me a nice search term to plug into Pinterest. I’m not sure how many results “paleoish with a little bit of dairy and pasta every once in a while” would show.

So here it goes!

Today’s Menu

Breakfast: one hard boiled egg and 1/4 avocado; coffee with vanilla and cream

Lunch: cucumber, turkey, and avocado rollups; cottage cheese

Snack: hummus with carrot sticks; peach

Dinner: mediterranean chicken skillet; spinach and peach salad with coconut vinaigrette


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